Unix-related Usenet Postings

Here is a collection of Usenet postings from 1981 to 1991 that are related to Unix. These come from the UTZoo Usenet archive, and many thanks to the people that rescued these postings from the old tapes.

A few news articles have been mis-labelled as being posted in 2016: these will be fixed soon.

If you have any other Unix-related Usenet archives that could be added here, please let Warren Toomey know.

alt.sourcesAlternative source code, unmoderated. Caveat Emptor.
alt.sources.dDiscussion of posted sources.
alt.sources.patchesPatches to posted sources.
alt.sys.sunTechnical discussion of Sun Microsystems products.
comp.bugs.2bsdReports of UNIX* version 2BSD related bugs.
comp.bugs.4bsdBug reports/fixes for 4BSD Unix.
comp.bugs.sys5Reports of USG (System III, V, etc.) bugs.
comp.lang.cDiscussion about C.
comp.org.uniforumUniForum Association activities.
comp.org.usenixUSENIX Association events and announcements.
comp.org.usrgroupDiscussion from the subcommittees of /usr/group.
comp.os.euniceThe SRI Eunice system.
comp.sources.3b1Programs that are specific to the AT&T 3B1.
comp.sources.bugsBug reports, fixes, discussion for posted sources.
comp.sources.miscMiscellaneous posted sources.
comp.sources.reviewedSources that have been reviewed.
comp.sources.sunSources for Sun Microsystems hardware.
comp.sources.unixSources for Unix platforms.
comp.sources.xSources for X11 systems.
comp.std.cDiscussion about C language standards.
comp.std.unixDiscussion for the P1003 committee on Unix.
comp.sys.3b1Discussion and support of AT&T 7300/3B1/UnixPC.
comp.sys.amiga.unixUnix on the Commodore Amiga.
comp.sys.attDiscussions about AT&T microcomputers
comp.sys.pyramidPyramid 90x computers.
comp.sys.sgiSilicon Graphics's Iris workstations and software.
comp.sys.sunSun Microsystems hardware.
comp.sys.tahoeCCI 6/32, Harris HCX/7, & Sperry 7000 computers.
comp.unixPostings about Unix systems.
comp.unix.adminAdministering a Unix-based system.
comp.unix.aixIBM's version of UNIX.
comp.unix.amigaMinix, SYSV4 and other *nix on an Amiga.
comp.unix.auxThe version of UNIX for Apple Macintosh II computers.
comp.unix.crayUnix on Cray supercomputers.
comp.unix.i386Unix in i386 hardware platforms.
comp.unix.internalsDiscussions on hacking UNIX internals.
comp.unix.largeUNIX on mainframes and in large networks.
comp.unix.microportMicroport Unix for '286 and '386 computers.
comp.unix.miscVarious Unix topics that don't fit other groups.
comp.unix.msdosMS-DOS running under UNIX by whatever means.
comp.unix.programmerQ&A for people programming under Unix.
comp.unix.questionsUNIX neophytes group.
comp.unix.shellUsing and programming the Unix shell.
comp.unix.sysv286UNIX System V (not XENIX) on the '286.
comp.unix.sysv386UNIX System V (not XENIX) on the '386.
comp.unix.ultrixDiscussions about DEC's Ultrix.
comp.unix.wizardsDiscussions, bug reports, and fixes on and for UNIX.
comp.unix.xenixDiscussion about the Xenix OS.
comp.unix.xenix.miscGeneral discussions regarding XENIX (except SCO).
comp.unix.xenix.scoXENIX versions from the Santa Cruz Operation.
mod.computers.pyramidUnix on Pyramid 90x computers.
mod.computers.sunUnix on Sun Microsystems hardware.
mod.os.unixPostings about Unix systems.
mod.sourcesModerated postings of public domain sources.
mod.sources.docDocumentation for moderated source postings.
mod.std.cDiscussion about C language standards.
mod.std.unixDiscussion for the P1003 committee on Unix.
mod.unixModerated discussion of Unix features and bugs.
net.bugsGeneral bug reports and fixes.
net.bugs.usgBug reports and fixes for USG Unix systems.
net.bugs.v7Bug reports and fixes for V7 Unix.
net.xbsdBug reports and fixes to the all bsd distributions.